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Does Noisecom require an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number?

Yes, Noisecom requires RMA numbers on all returns. RMA numbers are obtained by either calling Noisecom at 973-386-9696 or e-mailing Noisecom at Please have the following information available when requesting an RMA #: The model number and serial number of the unit, the model numbers and serial numbers of any accessories being returned with unit, a technical contact and a detailed description of the reason for return (include any data with the return that shows the problem).

Where do I send items being returned to Noisecom?

All packages should be sent to:

9 Entin Road
Suite 101
Parsippany, NJ 07054

Please mark the package to the attention RMA #.

All mail should be sent to:

9 Entin Road
Suite 101
Parsippany, NJ 07054



What decision rule is used for our Statement of Compliance for Accredited Calibrations?

Noisecom uses a Binary Statement for Simple Acceptance rule for any accredited calibration. Please contact our Service Department with any questions.

Can Noisecom certify the calibrations?

Noisecom can provide NIST traceable calibrations that include certificates.

Is data provided on calibrations?

Noisecom will provide both initial (if applicable) and final data on all calibrations.

What is the recommended calibration cycle?

Noisecom recommends a calibration cycle of one year on all equipment under normal usage.

Can Noisecom calibrate and repair other manufacturers' equipment?

Yes, Noisecom can calibrate and repair other manufactures devices. Please contact Noisecom sales for pricing and product availability for this service.



What is Noisecom's new product warranty period?

Noisecom warranties all new products to be free from defects for a period of 1 year.

Are repairs warranted?

Repairs have a six months warranty.


Sales and Service

If outside the United States whom do I contact for sales and service?

Outside the United States you should contact your local distributor, found here. When a unit is returned from outside the United States the customer is responsible for all shipping charges (incoming and return) as well as all custom fees and duties.



What is AWGN?

Additive white Gaussian noise has a Gaussian PDF (histogram) in the time domain, and a flat PSD (power spectral density) in the frequency domain. Noisecom specializes in high crest factor, (>18 dB, or > 7σ) noise sources for use in Jitter applications, and high power flat spectrums for signal interference, or satellite communication link testing.

What is ENR?

ENR (excess noise ratio) is the ratio of a hot source Th to a cold source Tc, displayed on a logarithmic scale. The purpose of this scale is to compare two temperatures and convert this difference into power values that conventional electrical instruments cannot measure. These values can be used to calculate parameters like noise figure. A popular scale comparing thermal noise power at -174 dBm/Hz (1mW@ 50Ω) to the average outside air temperature at 62.3° F can be used to calculate the noise figure of an external antenna system.

Custom Products

Can I order additional calibration points for my noise source?

Yes. Please consult the factory, or your local representative for available frequencies and pricing.

Does Noisecom have custom solutions?

Yes. Please contact the factory, or your local representative for specific frequencies, power levels, or form factors.

Does Noisecom have GPIB & Ethernet drivers for their instruments?

Yes, follow this link to the National Instruments developers zone for all available Noisecom drivers:  and type “Noisecom”

Does Noisecom manufacture audio white noise generators for public spaces?

No. We manufacture RF and Microwave AWGN for telecommunication impairment and calibration standards.

Does Noisecom provide customer modifications to existing product lines?

Yes, Noisecom does provide custom solutions for existing product lines. Please contact Sales directly either by phone, or email.



9 Entin Road, Suite 101
Parsippany, NJ 07054
United States
Phone: +1 (973) 386-9696
Fax: +1 (973) 386-9191

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